Nowadays, people are more conscious about their health and fitness

They have become aware of the fact that vegetable intake and workouts can benefit their health.

Nowadays, most people wake up in the morning, go to work and come back in the evening. In between these time, they cannot cook for themselves due to busy schedules. For this reason, some people just buy vegetables from fast food outlets or grocery stores. But a lot of fresh vegetables are not placed on supermarket shelves easily – it is a costly affair to grow vegetables like lettuce or spinach at home if one wants them to be fresh and healthy at all times.

It is a commonly accepted fact that people need to eat vegetables, to stay healthy and live longer. There are however some people who are not convinced that vegetables are beneficial for their health and struggle with eating them regularly.

To solve this problem, some enterprising researchers were able to develop a machine learning algorithm that could produce new recipes remotely by analyzing the ingredients used in other dishes.

Vegetables are a key part of the diet, especially for those who want to stay healthy and fit. They offer a number of nutrients and vitamins, which can help the body fight diseases.

The most common methods of cooking vegetables are boiling, steaming, frying, grilling and roasting. People usually boil vegetables because it is quick, easy and it preserves all their nutrients.